Khalif Temple #144

The History of Khalif Temple #144

Khalif Temple #144 is under the leadership of Illustrious Potentate Noble V. Craig Wilson. 

Khalif Temple was chartered August 23, 1945. The membership was 82 at the time of Charter. The first leader of Khalif was Illustrious Potentate Noble Izone Huntley. Noble Huntley and others worked hard to bring a Shriners Organization to Greensboro. 

Initial meetings were held in the Odd Fellows Lodge Hall on East Market Street. The Shriners of Khalif Temple #144 aggressively developed standard for Community Based Programs, assuring a standing as one of the most progressive Shriner Organizations in the World. 

The previous Khalif Building was located on 809 McCormick Street and was purchased in 1976; the mortgage was burned in 1979. This was one of the most cooperative efforts by all Khalif Shriners. 

The present Khalif Building (KEC) was purchased in 2012. Khalif Event Center is utilized as a for profit entity as a resource to fund Charitable Efforts. 

Khalif Shriners performed many outstanding community projects in its early years. One project that stood out, was the help provided by the Shriners of Khalif during the outbreak of Polio in Greensboro. The Shriners collected donations from the Community for the building of a Polio Hospital. Many Khalif Shriners in jobs of trade, donated numerous hours of service towards the building of this Hospital. 

Khalif charities started early and have blossomed over the years. During its 50th Anniversary Year, Khalif Temple #144 pledged $30,000.00 to equip the Physical Fitness Room at Hayes-Taylor YMCA. Khalif Temple #144 became involved in Little League Baseball over 30 years ago and still sponsors Little League Baseball Teams. Khalif Temple #144 hosted its first Annual Charity Golf Tournament in 1980. Donations to Piedmont Health Services and Sickle Cell Agency totaled over $320,000.00. These and other charitable activities of Khalif Temple #144 continue the spirit of giving back to the Community. 

In 1980 Khalif Temple #144 was able to secure a HUD Project for a 50 Unit Complex of Homes for Elderly and Handicapped Citizens in Sanford, NC. Occupancy levels have sustained 99% occupancy since its opening day. The Project was dedicated in September of 1983 and is incorporated under the name of Sanford Homes, Inc., with its Governing Board composed of Shriners of Khalif Temple No. 144.

Currently, the membership of Khalif Temple #144 exceeds over 200 Shriners. To sustain this trend of growth the Members are Persons of Distinction in the Service of Truth, Justice, and Dedication to Serving the Community and stand for the Betterment of Humanity. 


May God Bless this Esteemed Organization that We Serve. 


A.E.A.O.N.M.S. Mission


The Mission of the Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, a society of Prince Hall Freemasons, is to provide the members with leadership and direction in the areas of Voter Education, Youth Development, Economic Education, Health and Medical Research, and other Charitable Programs. 

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