Khalif Court #90

The History of Khalif Court #90

Khalif Court #90 is under the Leadership of Illustrious Commandress Daughter Jacqueline Williams.

Khalif Court No. 90 was organized under dispensation in  March, 1946, and received its Charter on August 25, 1946.  The Court  became a member of the Imperial Court Daughters, Auxiliary of  the Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine of North  and South America and its Jusridications, Incorporated, and has remained  a member for the past 72 years.  At that time, the Lodge Hall was  located at the corner of East Market Street and Percy Street. 

Members instrumental in organizing and setting up the Court were  Irene Huntley, Rose Jenkins, Goldie Hargett, Betty Lou Green, Pearl  McAden and Julia Lee.  Also, Noble Zack Alexander and the Imperial  Commandress assisted with the organization of the Court which was  successfully organized with 30 members. 

Since the Court’s inception, we have continued to promote and  accept new ideas from all members for the betterment of the  organization.  Our continued goals are to abide by the “Constitution and  By-laws” set forth by the Imperial Court; to be instrumental in  establishing and suggesting new methods to increase growth in our  membership, and maintaining the status of uprightness among the members;  to promote love, honesty and truth toward each other within our  churches and communities, and a Court consisting of fun, fellowship,  love and togetherness.

The Court has made various contributions and donations,  inclusive of but not limited to local scholarship programs (Bennett  College for Women and NC A&T SU), Sickle Cell Foundation, YMCA,  Salvation Army, Nursing homes, flood victims, NAACP and others. Through  the years Khalif Court No. 90 has grown in membership as well as  expanded its activities.  This has allowed the Court to increase in  areas of diversity, yet remain united.  The founding Daughters have  provided inspiration through the years reminding us that “through our  diversities, combine with unity, strength is provided when applied  correctly.”   This allows for new and creative ideas which have been an  asset to the Court. 

May God Bless this Esteemed Organization that We Serve.  

A.E.A.O.N.M.S. Mission

The Mission of the Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, a society of Prince Hall Freemasons, is to provide the members with leadership and direction in the areas of Voter Education, Youth Development, Economic Education, Health and Medical Research, and other Charitable Programs.  

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